A temperament test is required prior to scheduling daycare and/or making boarding reservations that include daycare services for the first time at Blue Water Pet Care. The purpose of this test is to ensure that your pet meets our guest requirements, to ensure that daycare is a good fit for your pet, and to determine any special needs of your pet. The goal is to ensure that each pet has a safe, positive experience during every visit, no matter how long they stay. 

In order to provide a proper environment for observation, temperament tests are scheduled in the morning or afternoon. Play rooms are much less stressful for new visitors when they arrive before the pack dynamic of each room is established. 

Many dogs take time to warm up and let their true personality come out. Be prepared to “drop-off” your dog for at least a half day of daycare (up to 5 hours).

If you want your dog to participate in daycare during boarding, it's recommended that you schedule this test well in advance of your desired boarding date(s). Temperament tests can be scheduled with as little as one day notice (based upon availability), during the week* between 6:30AM - 9AM or 12PM - 1PM. *Cannot be scheduled on holidays. *Available days vary, please call for current available days.

The fee of our temperament test is $20. However, once a dog has passed the test, the fee can be applied towards one of our daycare packages. *Fee can only be applied towards a package within one month after the temperament test and this promo must be mentioned during the purchase of your package.

Bring all vaccination records to your scheduled temperament test.


Fill out this form below if you're scheduled for a temperament test. This form is the first step to making sure we create the safest environment to all dogs who visit our daycare. There are no right or wrong answers, so please fill out everything honestly. Thank you for helping us provide the best possible stay for all our daycare guests.