Dog Boarding

Our boarding and resting quarters are designed with the same upscale, clean, and inviting materials as the rest of our building. While your dog enjoys play during the day, they will have a comfortable place to lounge and sleep during the night. Care for dogs will be individualized, based on needs and daily routines. 

Your animal will have his or her own tempered glass suite with a sanitized dog bed, providing a comfortable and clean stay. Dogs will be let outside for bathroom and fresh air as needed. Daycare or one-on-one services can be added for your dog's exercise needs. 

You can rest easy that your dog will be taken care of with the highest class of facility, with health, safety, exercise, and loving care as our main goals.

Things to Know

Be sure your vaccination records are up-to-date and on file at Blue Water Pet Care.

Do not give ANY food or treats which are not part of your dog’s normal diet before boarding.

Do not bring your dog in if they are sick or exhibiting abnormal behavior (UTI’s, loose or uncontrollable bowel movements, coughing, vomiting, lethargy, appetite depression, etc).

Things to Bring 

Food- We do not provide food for our guests. Bring your dog’s current food in a re-sealable bag or container, and include a few extra portions.

Bedding- We provide cots for comfort; favorite beds/blankets are always welcome.

Toys- No “squeakers”. No plush toys if your dog is a “destroyer”. Toys will remain in your dog’s suite.

Treats- Do not bring any “new/special” treats which are unfamiliar to your dog.  


Dog Boarding - FAQ

Can I board my dog if they don't currently attend the daycare?

Yes, we can schedule extra activities for your dog to get exercise outside of the daycare program. This means we can accommodate dogs that are not comfortable in our daycare and would rather be in a smaller group of playing one on one with our staff. 


Can my dog come if they are not up-to-date on their shots? 

Unfortunately, no. To maintain a clean and healthy environment it is our responsibility to make sure each client is up-to-date on all health matters, including vaccines. In addition to vaccines, dogs must be on flea and heart-worm preventative.


I have had a bad experience with mixing up my dog’s food with another dog. How do you make sure this doesn't happen? 

Upon arrival, all dogs will be given a cubby with their name on it that will store all personal dog items. Any bag of food or treats will have to be labeled with your dog’s name on it. We are happy to assist you with this upon arrival.