Dog Daycare

Blue Water Pet Care offers upscale services including daily daycare for dogs. The clean, safe, and inviting daycare playrooms will delight you and your canine. With three very special rooms, separating puppies/small dogs and large dogs, your pet is sure to enjoy themselves. Not only will they have fun playing with other dogs, they will be getting a ton of exercise. This makes for a much calmer and happier dog while at home. 

For a safe and clean environment, high quality material specifically made for such facilities is used. A sealed, nonporous, slip resistant floor is installed over the 3,000 square-foot play area. We have strict cleaning and sanitizing systems, as well as hospital grade air purifying machines to maximize the cleanliness of  the facility. This, combined with the loving nature of the owner and staff members, will make your dog never want to leave.

The play rooms are equip with large play structures the dogs can run and play on. Each playroom has dog beds for relaxing and lounging. Animals are supervised by trained staff who are knowledgeable in animal behavior and care.

Dogs will play the majority of the day, with opportunities to rest mid-day in luxurious tempered glass suites. After resting, they will resume play in their designated area. Built into the day, are bathroom breaks and a chance for fresh air outside in our new outdoor play area.

Benefits of proper exercise and socialization include: 

  • Better health
  • Less excessive barking
  • Less destructive behavior due to boredom
  • Less separation anxiety

Dog Daycare - FAQ

What if another dog pees in the indoor play area? I don’t want my dog around that.

With supervision by employees any bathroom accidents that happen will be taken care of immediately. The area will be cleaned and sanitized, making sure the playroom remains free of any hazardous conditions.


How do you make sure there are no aggressive dogs playing with my dog? 

Upon interest in using the daycare facility, all dogs must go through a temperament test. This allows dog handlers to see if  the dog will be accepted into the group and will get along with the other dogs. While playing, dogs are supervised by trained staff to look for any aggressive behaviors. Thus, intervening in a proactive manor. 


Can my dog come if they are not up-to-date on their shots?

Unfortunately, no. To maintain a clean and healthy environment it is our responsibility to make sure each client is up-to-date on all health matters, including vaccines. In addition to vaccines, dogs must be spayed or neutered and be on flea and heartworm medicine. 


I don’t know if my dog can play all day, do they get rest times?

Yes, based on each dogs’ needs they will be provided a relaxed resting area during the day.


Can I have my dog fed during daycare hours? 

Yes, We can feed your dog during the mid-day resting time.


Can I stop in during daycare to visit and play with my dog?

No, unfortunately we can not have visitors during in the playrooms during daycare hours. This will interrupt the pack and can make a dangerous environment for you, the dogs, and our staff. We create a controlled and safe environment and this could be jeopardized with outsiders.