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About Us

About Us

Dog Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, & Photography

We love animals!

Blue Water Pet Care is an upscale dog daycare and boarding facility that offers an innovative option when caring for your dog. Our focus is on providing a loving, comfortable environment for your animal. We make sure your dog gets the exercise they need through consistent group play or individual playtime with our staff . We take extreme measures to make sure the facility is clean and sanitary during your pet’s stay. We offer luxurious resting quarters with tempered glass and walls instead of chain link kennels.

We like to be thought of as your pet’s second home. We just love animals. Therefore, we not only offer a more relaxed and open environment for your dog, but we give them the love and nurturing they deserve and are used to getting from you. We take pride in being knowledgeable in canine best practices and animal behavior.

I, Christopher Herbert, come from a background of pet care. Having owned and operated a successful dog walking and pet sitting company in Chicago, Illinois my experience is essential to making your pet feel comfortable. Originally from Port Huron, I am thrilled to bring an upscale, urban concept to the Blue Water Area.



Located in the Port Huron Factory Shops Outlet, it is easily accessible off the Range Rd exit on Interstate 94 for easier drop-off and pick-up. 


Tempered glass and a wood grain finish for a luxurious feel. Each kennel is completely sealed off from the next, not allowing any cross-contamination. 


Blue Water Pet Care offers plenty of space to play. Our indoor play area is temperature controlled, so your pet is always comfortable.


Dog Daycare

Your pets deserve the best — even when you're away.

Dog Daycare

Your pets deserve the best — even when you're away.

Dog Daycare

Blue Water Pet Care offers upscale services including daily daycare for dogs. The clean, safe, and inviting daycare playrooms will delight you and your canine. With three very special rooms, separating puppies/small dogs and large dogs, your pet is sure to enjoy themselves. Not only will they have fun playing with other dogs, they will be getting a ton of exercise. This makes for a much calmer and happier dog while at home. 

For a safe and clean environment, high quality material specifically made for such facilities is used. A sealed, nonporous, slip resistant floor is installed over the 3,000 square-foot play area. We have strict cleaning and sanitizing systems, as well as hospital grade air purifying machines to maximize the cleanliness of  the facility. This, combined with the loving nature of the owner and staff members, will make your dog never want to leave.

The play rooms are equip with large play structures the dogs can run and play on. Each playroom has dog beds for relaxing and lounging. Animals are supervised by trained staff who are knowledgeable in animal behavior and care.

Dogs will play the majority of the day, with opportunities to rest mid-day in luxurious tempered glass suites. After resting, they will resume play in their designated area. Built into the day, are bathroom breaks and a chance for fresh air outside in our new outdoor play area.

Benefits of proper exercise and socialization include: 

  • Better health
  • Less excessive barking
  • Less destructive behavior due to boredom
  • Less separation anxiety

Dog Daycare - FAQ

What if another dog pees in the indoor play area? I don’t want my dog around that.

With supervision by employees any bathroom accidents that happen will be taken care of immediately. The area will be cleaned and sanitized, making sure the playroom remains free of any hazardous conditions.


How do you make sure there are no aggressive dogs playing with my dog? 

Upon interest in using the daycare facility, all dogs must go through a temperament test. This allows dog handlers to see if  the dog will be accepted into the group and will get along with the other dogs. While playing, dogs are supervised by trained staff to look for any aggressive behaviors. Thus, intervening in a proactive manor. 


Can my dog come if they are not up-to-date on their shots?

Unfortunately, no. To maintain a clean and healthy environment it is our responsibility to make sure each client is up-to-date on all health matters, including vaccines. In addition to vaccines, dogs must be spayed or neutered and be on flea and heartworm medicine. 


I don’t know if my dog can play all day, do they get rest times?

Yes, based on each dogs’ needs they will be provided a relaxed resting area during the day.


Can I have my dog fed during daycare hours? 

Yes, We can feed your dog during the mid-day resting time.


Can I stop in during daycare to visit and play with my dog?

No, unfortunately we can not have visitors during in the playrooms during daycare hours. This will interrupt the pack and can make a dangerous environment for you, the dogs, and our staff. We create a controlled and safe environment and this could be jeopardized with outsiders.


Dog Boarding

Doesn't your pet need a vacation too?

Dog Boarding

Doesn't your pet need a vacation too?

Dog Boarding

Our boarding and resting quarters are designed with the same upscale, clean, and inviting materials as the rest of our building. While your dog enjoys play during the day, they will have a comfortable place to lounge and sleep during the night. Care for dogs will be individualized, based on needs and daily routines. 

Your animal will have his or her own tempered glass suite with a sanitized dog bed, providing a comfortable and clean stay. Dogs will be let outside for bathroom and fresh air as needed. Daycare or one-on-one services can be added for your dog's exercise needs. 

You can rest easy that your dog will be taken care of with the highest class of facility, with health, safety, exercise, and loving care as our main goals.

Things to Know

Be sure your vaccination records are up-to-date and on file at Blue Water Pet Care.

Do not give ANY food or treats which are not part of your dog’s normal diet before boarding.

Do not bring your dog in if they are sick or exhibiting abnormal behavior (UTI’s, loose or uncontrollable bowel movements, coughing, vomiting, lethargy, appetite depression, etc).

Things to Bring 

Food- We do not provide food for our guests. Bring your dog’s current food in a re-sealable bag or container, and include a few extra portions.

Bedding- We provide cots for comfort; favorite beds/blankets are always welcome.

Toys- No “squeakers”. No plush toys if your dog is a “destroyer”. Toys will remain in your dog’s suite.

Treats- Do not bring any “new/special” treats which are unfamiliar to your dog.  


Dog Boarding - FAQ

Can I board my dog if they don't currently attend the daycare?

Yes, we can schedule extra activities for your dog to get exercise outside of the daycare program. This means we can accommodate dogs that are not comfortable in our daycare and would rather be in a smaller group of playing one on one with our staff. 


Can my dog come if they are not up-to-date on their shots? 

Unfortunately, no. To maintain a clean and healthy environment it is our responsibility to make sure each client is up-to-date on all health matters, including vaccines. In addition to vaccines, dogs must be on flea and heart-worm preventative.


I have had a bad experience with mixing up my dog’s food with another dog. How do you make sure this doesn't happen? 

Upon arrival, all dogs will be given a cubby with their name on it that will store all personal dog items. Any bag of food or treats will have to be labeled with your dog’s name on it. We are happy to assist you with this upon arrival.

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Dog Training

Obedience & Positive Reinforcement

Dog Training

Obedience & Positive Reinforcement

Dog Training & Obedience Classes 


Dog training class details

Blue Water Pet Care offers dog training and obedience classes that focus on positive reinforcement with structured corrections. Your pet will be taught basic commands such as: sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, recall, drop it, stop and more. Some of the common problems that we can resolve are: walking on a leash, greetings, jumping, barking, and other special requests. 

Basic Course: 6 Weeks - $125
Intermediate Course: 6 weeks - $125
1 hour private in-store training - $65
1 hour private in-home training - $85


Benefits of dog training

Studies have shown that owners with a well-trained and behaved dog will build a stronger bond with their loved one. An obedient, trained, relaxed, and responsive dog will lead to less stress circumstances (for your and your pet) and better/more disciplined behavior.

  • When your dog understands basic commands (sit, down, stand, wait, leave it, recall, drop it, stop , etc) they will become easier to manage. A dog that is more easily controlled/managed, allows you (and your pet!) to feel more comfortable at family events, during vacations, and even walking through the neighborhood. 
  • Dogs are social too! It's important for your dog to know what is acceptable or not when they interact with other dogs. The more they are around other pets, the better they will behave. 
  • A well-trained dog is safer to have around family and friends than an uncontrolled dog. Not just safer for others, but also for the dog itself. A dog that comes back to its owner when it is called and listens to directions will allow the owner to better protect and keep their pet safe.
  • Dogs that come to Blue Water Pet Care have a great time in our dog training and obedience sessions. It's a win/win for the pet and the owner!

Check out our upcoming class schedule

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Dog Photography and Photos. Let the Pet Care Experts capture the personality of your dog in a high quality and edited photo shoot! 


Dog Photography and Photos. Let the Pet Care Experts capture the personality of your dog in a high quality and edited photo shoot! 


Dog Photography

Your pet can't talk, but his or her photo can tell quite a story! Blue Water Pet Care doesn't just take your dog's picture, we capture their personality. Similar to taking photos of a baby, there is an art involved to making the canine feel comfortable in their surroundings. We work slowly, move slowly, and do not force ourselves to take pictures of your pet. Instead we let the dog lead us and that makes for some pretty amazing photos!

Blue Water Pet Care specializes in dog photography because we are with them every day and we understand the best ways to capture their fun and loving personalities. For more information about our dog photo sessions, please check out the information below or contact us.


  • $125 1 Dog Package: 30 min session. Includes all proofs from the session and 3 fully edited digital prints of your choice.

  • $175 2 Dog Package: 45 min session. Includes all proofs from the session and 6 fully edited digital prints of your choice.

  • $25 for each additional dog

  • $15 for each additional fully edited digital print.

*High quality wall art and prints can be purchased at additional charge. Please ask Chris for more details.


Tips/Info for the photo session:

  • Owner does not have to stay on site during photo shoot. We have found that we are more successful without the owner present.

  • Please bring a "well-exercised" dog to the photo shoot. Our daycare is a pretty exciting place for your pups and if they have not had exercise prior to the session, they will want to play more than take pictures.

  • Please make sure your canine understands basic obedience. Commands like sit, down, stay, come, etc.

  • If you own a dark colored dog, you know how hard it can be to take picture, however, don't worry! We use controlled lighting to make even the darkest colored pups take great pictures!

For information about pricing, scheduling, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call Blue Water Pet Care at (810) 364-DOGS (3647). 



Dog Grooming

Mutt cuts and such.

Dog Grooming

Mutt cuts and such.

Dog Grooming

Blue Water Pet Care currently offers basic grooming services. This includes washing, brushing, clipping nails, and cleaning ears. Shed-less programs are also offered. Regular dog grooming helps keep your loved one clean, refreshed, and healthy. This service can be used by anyone and can be built into your dog’s stay if your dog is being boarded or utilizing the daycare. 

We use the finest products and make sure the grooming area is clean and sanitized between each animal.

Booking regular grooming appointments or by having grooming incorporated into your dog's stay for boarding/daycare is a great way to keep your pet happy and healthy. Listed below are some of the benefits of using Blue Water Pet Care's dog grooming service:

  • Healthy coat and skin
    • Reduces the chance for bacterial infections, pinworms, and other bacterial infestations.
    • Shiny, healthy, and properly brushed coats will shed less.
    • Your dog will look and smell great!
  • Regular trimming of nails
    • Reinforces healthy foot structure, posture, and reduces the chances of infection.
  • Potential early detection of problems
    • Regular visits may provide a chance for us to detect a possible ailment.
    • We are not vets; however, we are very familiar with dogs and may be able to provide you with warning signs.
  • A happier pet and owner!
    • With regular grooming sessions, the health of the dog is increased over time!