Dog Training & Obedience Classes 


Dog training class details

Blue Water Pet Care offers dog training and obedience classes that focus on positive reinforcement with structured corrections. Your pet will be taught basic commands such as: sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, recall, drop it, stop and more. Some of the common problems that we can resolve are: walking on a leash, greetings, jumping, barking, and other special requests. 

Basic Course: 6 Weeks - $125
Intermediate Course: 6 weeks - $125
1 hour private in-store training - $65


Benefits of dog training

Studies have shown that owners with a well-trained and behaved dog will build a stronger bond with their loved one. An obedient, trained, relaxed, and responsive dog will lead to less stress circumstances (for your and your pet) and better/more disciplined behavior.

  • When your dog understands basic commands (sit, down, stand, wait, leave it, recall, drop it, stop , etc) they will become easier to manage. A dog that is more easily controlled/managed, allows you (and your pet!) to feel more comfortable at family events, during vacations, and even walking through the neighborhood.

  • Dogs are social too! It's important for your dog to know what is acceptable or not when they interact with other dogs. The more they are around other pets, the better they will behave.

  • A well-trained dog is safer to have around family and friends than an uncontrolled dog. Not just safer for others, but also for the dog itself. A dog that comes back to its owner when it is called and listens to directions will allow the owner to better protect and keep their pet safe.

  • Dogs that come to Blue Water Pet Care have a great time in our dog training and obedience sessions. It's a win/win for the pet and the owner!

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